Monday, March 24, 2008

Is Joey Greco Gay?

I was watching Cheaters Easter Sunday night, with Sue, when I noticed something about the crew around Joey Greco. They had fallowed a man who had been cheating on his wife to a campsite. During the confrontation, the other woman gets mad and hits Joey Greco with a burning log on the back of his neck, I don't know why, but they didn't show with what or how she hit him, but that's when the crew comes into light. One of the crew members becomes really worried about Joey, and starts yelling out for ice. This is normally not very significant, but they guy was almost hysterical, like the two guys in the David Blaine spoof videos. Although he might need medical help, he doesn't seem to be in that much pain, but everyone looks so worried about him, as if he isn't going to make it through the ordeal. Then I had a bit of a Sixth Sense moment, in which I start remember things about him, and all the puzzle pieces fall into place. For one, he has some very well maintained side burns. Not a clear sign of being gay, but they are remarkably well groomed. I also decided to research his information on Joey Grecos Website and on Wiki. Both sites showed that he has been successful in his ventures and a very motivated individual, but neither of them mention any relationships. I understand that he might be too busy to have a serious relationship, but he might also want to keep his sexuality private, which I beleive he has the right to do. I have also found some other discussions about the same topic, which at least makes me feel a little validated on my theory. I know see him in a new way. I used to think of him a Tool. It seemed like he was acting as if he cared, and just worried about the ratings, but now I feel that he is just trying to be proffessional, and be supportive during a very traumatic experience for the guests. I'm going to leave with the very famous video of Joey getting stabbed and then thrown overboard of the cheaters boat.


Melissa said...

Joey gay? All sign's say YES ! and that's not a bad thing or a judgment of the lifestyle, but merely an observation by an experienced hetro who interacts with the gay community on a daily basis.

terryjfisher said...

You're an experienced hetero? Yet you spell hetero "hetro" ? FAIL!

Melvin Mejia said...

I searched and found this blog because of the way Joey said something in an interview.
it was unusually feminine.